Fall 2014 Service Learning Designated Courses

The following courses have been approved by the Service Learning Committee based upon these criteria that make up a service learning course.

1 – Collaborative partnerships consisting of the following aspects:

  • Need identification
  • Project development
  • Engagement in project
  • Evaluation of partnership and project and sharing of results with community partners
  • Willingness to share results

2 – Integration of course content and service

3 – Ongoing critical reflection/analysis


Fall 2014 SL Designated Courses

Course Name Number Credits Title Faculty email
LLAS/HIST 1570 4 Migrant Worker Mark Overmeyer-Velazquez mark.velazquez@uconn.edu
PT   5465 1 Public Engagement in Prevention, Health Promotion, Fitness and Wellness Susan Sullivan-Glenney susan.glenney@uconn.edu
EVST 1000 3 Introduction to Environmental Studies John Andrew Jolly-Ballantine andy.ballantine@uconn.edu
NUSC 1161 1 Introducing Food and Nutrition to Children through Reading Ann Ferris aferris@uchc.edu
EKIN 1160 1 Lifetime Sports Program, Topic: Health & Education in Urban Communities Ann Ferris aferris@uchc.edu
NUSC  3171 3 Husky Nutrition I Ann Ferris aferris@uchc.edu
NUSC 3172 3 Husky Nutrition II Joshua Clauser clauser@uchc.edu
NUSC 4295 3 Special Topics in Nutrition: Healthy Aging Catalina Quesada quesada@uchc.edu
EDLR 5518 3 Introduction to Sport Based Youth Development Jennifer Bruening jennifer.bruening@uconn.edu
URBN 2000 3 Introduction to Urban Studies Ruth Glasser ruth.glasser@uconn.edu 
3547 and 3547 W 3  Introduction to Sport Based Youth Development Jennifer Bruening jennifer.bruening@uconn.edu