IARSLCE: Call for Journal Submissions – Deadline Extended to May 27



Call for Submissions IJRSLCE

The International Journal of Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement (IJRSLCE) invites manuscripts for consideration for the fourth issue of the journal to be published in fall 2016. As you know, IJRSLCE is the annual, peer-reviewed, online journal of IARSLCE. Its mission is to disseminate rigorous scholarship on service-learning and community engagement, including research, theory, research reviews and book reviews. We seek to represent the breadth of scholarship in the service-learning and community engagement field, with articles from different countries and disciplines and representing a range of methodologies including community-engaged scholarship. The deadline for submissions is May 27, 2016.

The fourth issue of IJRSLCE will be organized into Sections representing different areas of scholarship. Sections of the 2016 issue will include:

  • Advances in Theory and Methodology
  • Student Outcomes, K-12
  • Faculty Roles and Faculty-Related Issues
  • Institutional Issues
  • Community Partnerships/Impacts
  • International Service-Learning and Community Engagement
  • Works-in-Progress

The following types of manuscripts will be considered for each section.

  • Research Articles. Manuscripts reporting on findings from empirical studies of service-learning and community engagement. Submissions should be well-grounded in relevant research literature, based on rigorous methodology (either quantitative or qualitative) and present evidence-based findings. Manuscripts that report findings linked to questions of broad importance to the field are encouraged; those that are primarily program descriptions or descriptions of service-learning/community engagement practices will not be accepted.
  • Theoretical or Conceptual Articles. Manuscripts that examine and advance the theoretical or conceptual foundations of service-learning and civic engagement. Manuscripts can advance new theoretical frameworks or suggest new applications of constructs from cognate disciplines, such as psychology or sociology. Manuscripts can also elaborate on or critique well-established theoretical frameworks or constructs in service-learning and community engagement.
  • Review Articles. Manuscripts, including reports of meta-analyses, that discuss the state of knowledge about service-learning and community engagement. Manuscripts can reflect a broad lens or report on the knowledge base specific to a particular discipline, type of s-l or community engagement experience, nation, culture and/or grade range. Manuscripts should synthesize findings from prior research, as well as critically assess the quality of extant evidence.

IJRSLCE also welcomes book reviews (1500 words or less) of recent books of general importance to the field.


Author Guidelines are available on the IJRSLCE website. You must register on the site in order to submit a manuscript. Please see the third issue of the journal.

Please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Andrew Furco (612-624-6876) or Dr. Susan Root (262-349-9339) if you would like additional information. We look forward to hearing from you!